Community Guidelines

Our community guidelines .

1] Upload Own Work !

  1. Share your own project that have own created.
  2. Don’t post others’ work.
  3. Don’t take credit for others’ work.
  4. Don’t post copyrighted or trademarked content.
  5. Don’t plagiarize others’ work. A remix/rebound is ok. An exact copy/ replica is not. (See: “I will give due credit”).

2] Copyright Material !

  1. Don’t share content that you would share on a video-sharing platform—including promotional videos, commercials, and tutorials. Video uploads should be used for animation, motion design, 3D explorations, UI/UX prototypes, and design work of this nature.
  2. Don’t share showreels—let your collective shots tell the story of your work.
  3. If you’re using audio to enhance your shot, please use it thoughtfully. Make sure you have permission before using audio that's copyrighted or stick to audio that's under creative commons.

3] Inappropriate Content !

  1. Illegal
  2. Pornographic, mature in content, or gratuitously or overly sexual
  3. Racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive
  4. Shockingly graphic, grotesque, or obscene
  5. Inflammatory (e.g. name-calling, preaching, ranting, stirring up controversy, or venting frustrations)

4] Spams !

What do we consider spam?
  1. Using likes, follows, and other disingenuous social gestures to draw attention to your account
  2. Linking to your own work in comments on other members’ shots
  3. Asking for likes and/or follows in exchange.
  4. Leaving many comments that are short on substance to draw attention to your account
  5. Misusing site features and functionality in a way that isn’t in line with their core purpose for personal gain

5] Credits !

  1. If your work is inspired by other work, make sure to give credit. You can do this by mentioning the Jsfeed member or creating a Rebound. Know that work that’s inspired by others may be interpreted as stolen.
  2. Please link back to Jsfeed when posting Jsfeed content elsewhere.
  3. If you’re the owner of work that has been posted on Jsfeed without your consent, please review our Copyright Policy.

5] Work Inquires !

I will use messages to contact Jsfeed members about serious work inquires only

  1. Your message must be a work inquiry regarding a design job or project.
  2. Please personalize the messages you send—don’t send boilerplate messages. They tend to feel impersonal and lack the detail necessary to be appealing. This means you should use their name, provide a brief description of the work or job for which you’re hiring, and any details you find compelling about the designer’s work on Jsfeed.
  3. Please make sure the designer you’re contacting is a good fit for your job or project as indicated by the work, bio and skills on their profile. Many designers also declare the type work in which they’re interested on the message form—so make sure your message conforms with their stated preferences.
  4. Have a specific job or project in mind when contacting a designer. Don’t ask if someone is generally looking for new opportunities or if anyone they know is looking for new opportunities.
  5. Please don’t message designers to ask for an invitation. Your messaging privileges will be revoked