How To Learn Coding For Beginners | How To Code | Which Language Should You Use

How To Learn Coding For Beginners | How To Code | Which Language Should You Use

How To Learn Coding For Beginners | How To Code | Which Language Should You Use

We are discussing how to learn coding, So if you're a beginner or if you're someone who wants to know what exactly coding is? this article is for you.

In this article, we'll be basically discussing a lot of different topics which would be how you can start with coding. Now let's take a quick look at our topics which we are discussing in this articles

  1.     Why learn to code?
  2.     How to learn coding?
  3.     Which languages should you start with?
  4.     Which language and tools should you use?
  5.     Learning path?
  6.     What kinds of jobs are you expecting? 

Why learn to code?

This question is for you as well as for me too. Why should you learn to code, So let's discuss as a story.

Assume, We have a person who wants to earn a huge amount by himself or by the job but he doesn't know how to do it but he knows that programming or coding will help him to achieve, So he decides to become a software engineer because he heard that it pays a lot.

Other than that there is another person who's interested in coding so he decided to take this field because he wants to develop something new e.g. Website, App, Software...

And there is the last third person who has already been working in this field. Suppose he's a business analyst and he has been working since the 90s or the 80s. During that time he didn't use any specific programming language to create any special algorithms to think about the data and to make powerful decisions.

But nowadays the market has changed and he has an option of many languages to create any algorithms So that he can make better decisions based on the data that he is collecting from any other source. So all these three person’s have the same goal in their mind to become a coder or programmer but they did not know anything about coding. To become a programmer at least they have to know what coding is or how it works.

These are a few reasons why would you want to become a coder. Maybe you want to get a really high paying job or maybe you're interested in coding. The whole world is already changing their future by coding and you want to be a part of them.

You should ask yourself a question, Why do you want to learn coding because you have the motivation to learn to code. if you don't have the motive in your mind properly you should create it first because once you start to learn to code you will face multiple errors in doing it and if you're not able to solve those errors, Your mind will become very frustrated and you will get multiple thoughts to leave coding. So make sure that you have proper motivation in your mind when you start learning to code. These are questions you should ask yourselves first, why do you want to learn coding.

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How to learn coding?

Now let's discuss how to learn coding by yourself? First, You have to figure out where do you want to code or how do you want to code? And then you should ask yourself what is your motive to become a coder and why do you want to become coder?

First, you need to figure out what you want to do with coding. Do you want to develop an application? Do you want to make a bot? Do you want to develop a website? What kind of thing do you want to do so once you've figured out what you want to develop and what interest you have to build if you know it you should go ahead and learn them.

Which languages should you start with?

You want to develop something new and you don’t know which types of languages and the tools are required for it. let me give you an example like the person who was interested in coding but he's never got the thing like it before, he's just heard about how coding is so cool so he starts off by first deciding which kind of projects he wants to do.

He decides to develop a recommendation system on a website but the thing is he did not know which language is used for the recommendation system so he searches and found the two most useful language Java And Python which is used to develop such kind of thing and he start learning this language. While doing this project, he's learned a lot of things like he knew how to code a website.

So first you have to decide what you have to develop like Website, App, Game, Software..

 Check the chart below to figure out the languages and their uses.


Jsfeed Languages and their uses

Which language and tools should you use?

You have heard lots of languages like C, C++,  java, python or many others... And you are confused about which language you should choose. It really depends on different factors about your knowledge and interest. Here you have a lot of languages python, kotlin, C++, C, sharp, javascript, swift, java, ruby, PHP, node.js, etc

I would actually recommend you to start off with C and C++ because these languages will teach you that programming languages are working and their logic is working. After that, I would personally recommend python because python is one of the easiest and very easy to learn languages because it has a very simple syntax and is highly productive which consumes a very low amount of time to write code.

You can start coding with python, Especially if you're a beginner who doesn't know what you have to do with coding. So you should definitely check this out because it will give you an idea about coding. Have you remember i have said that python is very simple? Simple doesn't mean it's bad, It has so many different use cases. I can't even list all of them here but a few of them are here: data science, creating bots, writing scripts, website development. There are so many things you can do with python and it is a very powerful language. A lot of different companies are using python for their particular projects and their clients. Python is a very useful language so I suggest you can start your coding journey with python.

If you decide to learn python you can start by watching multiple tutorials which are freely available on youtube and if you need a certificate in python you have to join any course. To learn coding you don't need to have a degree.

 Learning Path ?

We have discussed how you can start coding. Now let's see the learning path for it. So, first of all, you have to choose where you want to learn by online or by classes but I recommended you to choose online because it was more easier for you. In online you have your own self-place where you can teach yourself. There are many websites who provide coding tutorials for free like freecodecamp. They basically give you small tutorials where you learn the basics of coding.

In your learning path, you should start to learn the basics of coding. You've choose a field already, now you know your domain, the project, the tools, and the language now you start working with them, go ahead and learn all the basics. The basics should take a month. I mean if you're starting from the beginning and you'd know nothing about coding you're starting off from scratch even then it will take a month to learn all the basics of the fundamentals of coding.

What kinds of jobs are you expecting?

Basically, Now you understand how you can start coding and which language you have to learn. The last thing we're going to discuss is what kind of jobs are you expecting?

You've at least know the idea of coding. Let's just give you the juicy part: what kind of jobs are you expecting? So there are different fields out there in coding which are cloud computing, software development, game development, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, big data, web development there are so many different domains which you can choose by your interest When your interest is growing and you skill also growing you can become a master coding in few areas.

Let me give you an example: if you want to know what cloud computing is, you have to learn the architecture of the cloud. Cloud has a lot of different things you can use in software development.

Game development is a very complex and time taking field. I would usually tell you to try different aspects which are Art, Design, Sound And Graphics. If you love gaming you should start to learn game development.

In Artificial intelligence (AI) you have to know the complete advance and basic knowledge of Python because AI is a very vast and complex field. If you become very good at AI you will get paid really high salaries because AI is the future. Machine learning and data science is part of Artificial intelligence.

Let me give a cricket example where data analysis happens. Do you know how to figure out How long the player will last on the field? How many runs will you make? and How's the weather going to be? Even this field also uses coding. So look at the topic which you want to choose for your future. Go ahead, learn the basics of it and start the development.

So friends coding is just like an investment where you can invest your time and knowledge. It always pays you best interest in your future and it also helps you in a lot of things. Now you know all about coding, Let’s start your coding future.

Thank You.




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