Know About UI & UX: A Comprehensive Guide

Know About UI & UX: A Comprehensive Guide

Know About UI & UX: A Comprehensive Guide

We will be learning user interface and user experience designs. let's get started user interface and user experience. So, the user interface or user experience design or also known as UI-UX is the process of creating digital products with a user-first approach.

The goal of UI-UX design is to provide a product that is both aesthetic and extremely pleasurable to use. It is a common idea that UI and UX are essentially the same thing and belong to the same discipline, but that is not totally accurate. They are separate fears that concentrate on different aspects of the user interaction with a digital product. However, they are closely related and overlap in so many ways that they are largely merged into one profession.

What is UX ?

How a person will engage with a product, understanding your user's complete journey and translating it into a product. The interaction of human user with daily products and services is the subject of UI-UX design.

User Engagement:

User engagement would come up if you were to summarize the aim of your user experience efforts. They maintain a connection with their user interests, motivations and ambitions through engagement. 


Objectives as in the industry, UX design seeks to increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty through the usability, simplicity of use and enjoyment provided in the engagement with a product. UX refers to the complete user experience that customers receive with a product.


A part of user experience you exercise is usability usability is the second level of user experience therefore you must address your product's usability once you've established that it can resolve users problems the degree to which a design features with users demands and situations determines how usable the design is and usability involves navigation. 


the discipline of creating analyzing and implementing ways for users to navigate through a website or app familiarity.


A usable and user friendly design always provides a consistent experience. 

Error Prevention:

Alerting a user when they are making an error with the intention to make it easy for them to do whatever it is they are doing without a mistake.


Feedback is used to engage and explain and can improve the user's satisfaction.

Visueal Clarity:

Visual Clarity is the measure of how effectively visual design prioritizes and conveys information. 


It is about knowing your customers and giving flexibility for different customer intents and now that we have brief understanding.

What is UI ?

The point of human contact and interaction on a device is called user interface this can include a desktop disk place keyboards mice and other pointing devices it also refers to the manner in which a user engages with a website or application in In other words they design the face of a website or app after knowing what is user interface we will see the different types of user interface.

Command line interface(CLI):

Command line interface enables users to input commands into a terminal or dashboard window in order to communicate with a piece of software and it is a platform or channel where users respond to visible prompt by typing a command and receiving the system response.

Graphical user interface(GUI):

Graphical user interface enables people to engage with work just an operating system using graphics. In the graphically user interface there are menus like Windows Scrollbars buttons voice search painting pictures alternative icons and much more it is simple to understand and actually the user is shown or given information in any format including plain text videos photos etc.

Touch graphical useinterface:

Touch graphical user interface can be used for either the user's fingerprints or a stylus to control graphics this can be done on a desktop computer laptop or a portable device like mobile phone touch screen graphic user interfaces are increasingly used in hospital situations and provide both patients and healthcare workers with a number of advantages.


  1. what is UI-UX?
  2. We will move on to what skills do UI-UX designers need and what are their tasks?
  3. We will see the difference between UI and UX? 
  4. what are the research techniques in UI-UX?
  5. How they work together?
  6. What are the disadvantages of combining UI/UX?